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Hooray For The Day Off!

Some weeks just seem to drag by, and this was one of them. Sure, I missed work on Monday, but that doesn’t count because I was too sick to do anything productive. As a result, I have put in 14 hour days for three days straight, and I am tired! However, tomorrow is my day off, and I plan to enjoy tonight by kicking back, watching a movie , and maybe eating pancakes (oooohhhh!) for dinner. In answer to your inevitable question, no, it doesn’t take that much to make me happy, at least most days. Now, if I could just get real people to do what this does, then my life truly would be blissful!
In other news, I had my conference call with Dan Brown today, and it was very cool. He is an extremely nice man, and Good Lord, does he ever know his stuff. I also got the inside scoop on his next book, but you’ll have to wait for those details, at least until you read The Da Vinci Code.
Sorry I’m not feeling very deep (or coherent, apparently) this week, but it appears (hopefully) that our lives are once again back on an even keel (read: really boring because nothing ever happens to us. Ever.) Plus, I really am thinking about doing some actual writing in the near future, and the thought of that has occupied most of my brain lately!

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