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Ice Ice Baby

Well, at least, by some miracle, I had already planned to work from home today. This is a historic occasion, my friends: It is the first time in the seven years that I have worked for Barnes & Noble that we will remain closed due to severe weather. This does not mean, however, that I will not be working, since my intention was to write reviews at home. So while the rest of you are enjoying hot chocolate and grilled cheese, I, your humble author, will be hard at work. At least I’ll be able to do so from the comfort (and warmth!) of my own comfy chair! Stay safe, everybody, and don’t drive if you don’t have to!
Baby It's Cold Outside!

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  1. Kevin Says:
  2. Kevin Says:

    Sorry. Starting to go a little stir crazy from my snow day. Can you take my temperature? Exactly how long does it take to get cabin fever?




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