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Just When I Was Ready

To go ballistic on the needless waste of our tax dollars, I get the wheels shot out from under me. This story still pisses me off, because I see absolutely no need to be so alarmist; however, at least it’s not my money that’s funding this latest movement. Just to be contrary, however, please click the link below to read more about Democrats. If you’re a Republican, then good for you! I respect your decision to choose, which is not only what makes this country great (since bipartisanship was a fundamental premise of the Framers), it also speaks to the increased level of tolerance (at least when you compare my husband–the Republican–to me–the Democrat). If you haven’t already guessed, this whole entry is in response to Kev’s resurgence of Democrat-bashing over at his place. Did anyone else notice the absence of the “Comments” option? Hmmmmm.
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