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Archive: January 2003

Please Let It All End

The closing date for our new house has been pushed back. Again. This makes three times now. Apparently, the term “sense of urgency” does not apply to anyone in the lending industry. They know they have you backed into a corner, therefore they take their sweet time with paperwork. Granted, if anyone who worked in the real world did their jobs like those who sign lending papers, we’d all be fired. I just can’t comprehend what could possibly take three days to read and sign. I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone with this profession, I’m just trying to understand why I have been screwed with for three weeks. Don’t tell me one thing and then do another; I’d rather you were honest with me the first time. Kevin says I’m not allowed to “talk” to anyone involved in this, because the last time I did, they almost quit. Well, enough is enough. It’s time somebody said something, so that this won’t happen to other people. It’s wrong, and it’s hubristic to toy with people’s lives.
I Don't Have One of These Right Now

It’s All My Fault

My dog is, to put it gently, neurotic. Not just a little, uh-uh. A lot. I know that I have created the monster that is her neuroses, and for the most part, I am comfortable with that. But for the past week, what with all the boxes lining the hallway and stacked to the ceiling in every room, she’s freaking out. Not just the usual freak-out, either. She’s truly gone over the edge. She whines constantly, and she won’t let me out of her sight. The other dogs are cool. They just eye the corrugated mountain disdainfully and pad to the pantry for treats (of course, the need to give said treats is motivated purely by guilt over the whole restriction of movement due to cardboard). You would think that my dog, who I absolutely could not live without, would chill. Alas, this is not the case. She honestly believes that Mommy and Daddy are leaving and never coming back. Granted, I could probably fare ok without the step-dog (relax, Kev, I’m only teasing), but an existence without Super Puppy would kill me. She is my baby. She is smart. She is funny. She loves me unconditionally. If my husband weren’t such a great man, I would have married my dog. Now if I could just teach her to do the dishes….

It’s All Connected

How very zen. This story is just further proof that everything in nature is connected to something else, and we’re all connected to each other. Very insightful, I must say, and rather fun, too.
Sing It, Sistah!

Lazy Sunday

As Kev is gearing up for the Bucs game, I am left blissfully alone to tidy up last minute moving details and generally just veg. There’s so very not much going on today! It’s kind of a relief. However, I must say a word or two about the Golden Globe awards: Chicago was okay, but not that great. Is this what we’ve been reduced to? I guess it’s better than some of these… Also, be sure to check back later for an updated reading list. Kev graciously pointed out this morning that I have not posted an update since November.

Joe Not-So-Poor?

Poor Joe Millionaire. Except, wait. Maybe he’s not. Forget that he probably made a decent amount of money for doing the shoe in the first place (not to mention the etiquette lessons and free clothes). Now, it turns out he may not be so broke. Guess what guys. It’s Fox. Of course there’s a twist. And I’m sure everyone out there has heard the latest: The word on the street is that Joe Millionaire had a previous career. Oh, not the modelling thing, silly! Rumor has it that Evan’s former profession was none other than “gay escort”. While I must admit that I’m deeply disappointed in myself for squandering even a little of my precious time on this drivel, I have to say, I am shamefully looking forward to the last episode, and not just because that means it’s finally over. I, too, like the rest of Americans aged 18-49 who earn more than $70,000 a year, have been sucked right in. I am able, however, to make this solemn promise right here, right now: I will not watch Married By America. Even I have standards.
Joe Poverty

Banker’s Hours

Suck. So I totally forgot that Monday is a holiday, and therefore, we will not be closing on our new house until Tuesday. I am still, however, taking the whole weekend off to make sure things are organized for the big move, which I will no longer be a part of. There’s that whole work thing that kinda gets in the way. Truth be told, I’m just so excited that there is an end in sight that I’m actually looking forward to hauling everything over there and unpacking. Perhaps it’s all a testament to my rejuvenated state of mind, which is due in large part to the fantastic week I had. Believe it or not, I love my job now more than ever, which in turn has helped balance the rest of my life. Kev and I are jazzed about the direction in which our lives are going, and we can’t wait to get on with it!
Green Light!

One Down

One to go. We have successfully closed on one house! Hooray! Of course, this means we’re technically homeless for the next few days. The closing of the Flower Mound house has been pushed back until Monday, possibly Tuesday. Is it just me, or does it seem that the Real Estate business operates on no kind of a schedule? Whatever. I’m very zen about the whole thing, now, thanks to a little help from my friend. So, while we are awaiting the big move, you can find me on my couch, watching hours and hours of Road Rules and Will & Grace reruns. Sometimes, you just gotta enjoy the simple things!
It's Funny 'Cuz It's True

If This Is Reality…

Give me my fantasy world any time. Unfortunately, MTV’s True Life is yet another confirmation of my sordid love affair with reality TV. That is why I can say, with some authority, that this show is pathetic. Well, maybe not the show, exactly, but surely its particpants. Once again, Kevin has enabled my addiction, and he made me watch this testament to pitiful lives. If you haven’t seen it, I beg you: Do not succumb to the temptation, even if laughing at people who willingly subject themselves to plastic surgery because “living in LA is a big competition!” seems enticing. Trust me. You’ll just end up with a massive superiority complex for which you can find no outlet. If you absolutely must, the plastic surgery episode will air tomorrow afternoon at 2:30/1:30PM (CST)
I Want My MTV

Curses! Foiled Again

Or at least delayed. That’s right: Our closing has now been delayed until Monday (possibly Tuesday). Crap. Oh well. I’m still off for the next three days, and while I could go into work, I will instead use this time judiciously. Translation: Since Kevin has not yet packed up the office, I fear I will have no choice but to intervene. At least it will give me something else on which to fixate. Wait. Who am I kidding? Better go to plan B: Curl up with a book and a bottle (or 5) of wine, then proceed to watch bad movies. Oh, don’t worry. The Lifetime Movie Network is not in my future (yet. If the situation deteriorates further, I fear I will be forced to endure The Mary Kay Letourneau Story). And in the words of Mary Kay: “Help me. Help us all.”
Help Me, Help Us All

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Here’s the scoop on the available information. Thank ya, Jesus! Can I get an “Amen”?
It's About Damn Time!

Just Me and My Blog

It’s amazing what comes up when you search for stuff on Google. Today, I got an email from someone who works for my company, who just happened to find me as she was researching some information for The Da Vinci Code (you know the book; it’s the one I keep telling everybody to get excited about. If you don’t remember, click here for a refresher). By the way, my mom read it over Christmas, and she loved it, too. Once again, I am open to bribery if you’d like to borrow my copy (it’ll cost you). Mad props, too, to Gianna (my ever-faithful Random House Rep), for keeping me hooked up to the best new books. Anyway, long story longer, I thought that was pretty cool, and yet another testament to the power of the web to bring us all together. Now, if you’ll beg my indulgence, I have to post another entry on the heels of this one, because something truly remarkable happened today…
Read This!!!

What the Hell?

Okay. Everyone knows I have a strange name. I have never met anyone else with my name. I know of people who have my name (although not spelled the same), but, once again, I have never met another Merrin. So, I wonder: How would an uncommon name affect my chances of finding gainful employment? According to this study, if your name sounds “white”, you have a better shot at landing a job. How does my name sound? What about yours? This is truly the most asinine thing I have heard in a long time. Certainly, those of us with not-so-ordinary appellations have had to adjust to society’s unspoken rules of names:
Me: “Hi! I’m Merrin.”
Them: “Nice to meet you, Marian.”
Me: “No, it’s Mer-rin.”
Them: “Mirian?”
Me:”M-E-R-R-I-N. Like Erin, with an M.”
Them: (with mild disdain, or perhaps discomfort) “Oooooohhh. That’s unusual.”
And so on and so on. I, and people like me, have been forced to adapt in social situations. We learned early to speak up and defend our praenomina, and such situations have made us extroverts. I’ve aruged this point before: Names can (and should) help define personality; they should not, however, be used as a basis for discrimination. What would you even call that, anyway? Nameism?
On behalf of uniquely-named people everywhere, I desperately urge you to give the extraordinary a chance.
“Who hath not own?d, with rapture-smitten frame,
The power of grace, the magic of a name?”
-Thomas Campbell, Pleasures of Hope. Part ii. Line 5.
What About Your Name?

In The Words of Holly Golightly

Quel day! You know you’ve had ’em: the days that just never seem to end no matter how badly you want them to. Well, that was my day today. I am just now home from work, after having gone it at 6:00 this morning. And, of course, there was something very difficult awaiting me at work today, which I did not enjoy in the slightest. Now that I’m home, I’m looking forward to a beer (or 12) and an evening of reality TV. Speaking of…..Here’s the scoop on the next Survivor. See? Things are looking up already!
It Can't Come Soon Enough

Now We Wait

So the final walk-through is done, the boxes are packed, and now it’s just a waiting game. I gotta tell ya, I’m pretty excited now. We brought Mom along for the ride today, and she loved the new place. The more I see it, the more I want to move in right now. But then, I’ve always been an instant-gratification kind of girl. The really cool part of today though (other than Steak & Shake) is the snow. That’s right. Snow. It’s even sticking. Way up north in the land of Flower Mound, the trees, lawns, hedges, and rooftops were all white and pretty, and the world had the uber-quiet that goes along with a nice snow blanket. Back here at the soon-to-be-somebody-else’s homestead, only a little is on the ground, but at least we got to see a quasi-winter wonderland! This happens, of course, because the Stock Show has kicked off, and every long-time citizen of Ft. Worth knows all about the strange phenomenon of “Stock Show Weather”. Forget that it was a balmy 75 degrees 4 days ago; the cows and horses and pigs are in town, and they must like the cold, because now we have snow. I think they bring it with them. It’s one of the greatest things about living in Texas, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Ft. Worth Today

Zen Again…

Maybe not. Today was a good day, though, and tomorrow (well, today now, I guess) is our final walk-through on the new house, so at least that’s one more hurdle cleared. Ooooohhhh, something else to look forward to is a great big burger from Steak and Shake , which is the whole reason I’m not a vegetarian. And for dessert, a hella-shake! Hooray! Also, thanks to Tina for kind words and a little perspective.
Yeah, Baby!




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