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January and February (Hell, December, too, For That Matter)

I know, I know. It’s been a while, and y’all have nothing to read. Truth be told, neither do I, since all my books are currently in boxes, but, nevertheless, I shall trudge forward and offer recommendations of recent samplings. Also, be sure to check back around February 17, since Gianna, my ever-faithful Random House Rep, wil be once again inundating me with fresh material. One more thing: because I absolutely couldn’t resist, I’ve also included recommended listening. A word of caution: Please don’t leave nasty comments, since I realize that my tastes may not necessarily be yours, and I already feel dirty for listening to bubblegum pop music.

Gothic Mayhem What with all the current hoopla over Chicago, this one is one more way to satisfy the thirst for all things Windy City. Set at the 1893 World’s Fair, Devil in the White City has it all: politics, history, celebrities, and a serial killer (America’s first!). From the author who brought you the bestselling Isaac’s Storm, this is a piece of our history that deserves to be remembered. To buy it, click here.

Lincoln's Back I know you hate it when I do this, but that’s too bad, since it’s one of the perks of my job. The Vanished Man is indeed a Lincoln Rhyme novel, and significantly better than The Stone Monkey. Deaver gets back into his groove that keeps you on the edge of your seat, all the while exposing the reader to intricate details of things you never knew you cared about. To buy it, click here. And no, you may not have my copy.

Rooster? What do you mean you’ve never read David Sedaris? Who are you, anyway? Quick, before anyone finds out! Go buy this and redeem yourself. Be sure to pay homage to the Rooster when you’re finished.

That Jazz What do you mean, you haven’t seen the movie? Have you been living under a rock? Go! Now! That said, while it’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely great, and well-worth the $8.00 to see it. The soundtrack is the best part, and you can even forget it’s Richard “Hamster”(sorry Brooke!) Gere singing. Zellweger and Zeta-Jones are surprisingly fabulous. To buy it, or preview!, click here.

Don't Mock Me I know. It’s okay. I’ve accepted this throwback to my high school years for what it is: a full-blown quarterlife crisis. However, I think you’ll find that if you give the young Miss Lavigne a chance, she just might win you over with her refreshing style. Avril Lavigne is the anti-Aguilera, and deserves a listen. I like her because she’s just a girl, albeit one who doesn’t know how to pronounce David Bowie’s name. Poor little thing. To buy or preview, click here.

Strike! Ahhh, sweet redemption. Let’s hear it for the local boys! This band rocks my world, and this CD never fails to make me feel better. Pop it in, turn it up, and instant relief from life’s stress. The lyrics are priceless, and often genuinely funny. For example:
“She likes ’em with a mustache
Racetrack season pass
Drivin’ in a Trans-Am
Does a mullet make a man?”
For full lyrics, click here.Forget blink-182; Bowling for Soup is the next big thing. To buy it, or preview (I particularly recommend “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”), click here.

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