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Please Let It All End

The closing date for our new house has been pushed back. Again. This makes three times now. Apparently, the term “sense of urgency” does not apply to anyone in the lending industry. They know they have you backed into a corner, therefore they take their sweet time with paperwork. Granted, if anyone who worked in the real world did their jobs like those who sign lending papers, we’d all be fired. I just can’t comprehend what could possibly take three days to read and sign. I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone with this profession, I’m just trying to understand why I have been screwed with for three weeks. Don’t tell me one thing and then do another; I’d rather you were honest with me the first time. Kevin says I’m not allowed to “talk” to anyone involved in this, because the last time I did, they almost quit. Well, enough is enough. It’s time somebody said something, so that this won’t happen to other people. It’s wrong, and it’s hubristic to toy with people’s lives.
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