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Joe Not-So-Poor?

Poor Joe Millionaire. Except, wait. Maybe he’s not. Forget that he probably made a decent amount of money for doing the shoe in the first place (not to mention the etiquette lessons and free clothes). Now, it turns out he may not be so broke. Guess what guys. It’s Fox. Of course there’s a twist. And I’m sure everyone out there has heard the latest: The word on the street is that Joe Millionaire had a previous career. Oh, not the modelling thing, silly! Rumor has it that Evan’s former profession was none other than “gay escort”. While I must admit that I’m deeply disappointed in myself for squandering even a little of my precious time on this drivel, I have to say, I am shamefully looking forward to the last episode, and not just because that means it’s finally over. I, too, like the rest of Americans aged 18-49 who earn more than $70,000 a year, have been sucked right in. I am able, however, to make this solemn promise right here, right now: I will not watch Married By America. Even I have standards.
Joe Poverty

4 Responses to “Joe Not-So-Poor?”

  1. Aurora Says:

    Well, the best thing about “Joe Millionare” is that this is a one time show… no sequel… with every potential female watching this… I don’t think anyone would believe another “meet the millionare” reality show… What I would like to see is a “meet the ordinary man” show and then he turns out to be a millionare… Sign me up!!

  2. Kevin Says:

    OOH! Let’s play ‘Wizard of Oz’ and pull back the curtain on all the reality shows:

    EW’s Expose

    Sorry, Merrin. They even caught your “High School Reunion” show. :sad

  3. merrin Says:

    You are hateful and cruel, though you claim to love me. Don’t giggle maniacally yet, though. I don’t plan on reading the article, and even if I did, I’m not dim enough to think that these shows are an accurate representation of “reality”. It’s escapism in its purest form, as I believe I’ve made abundantly clear in the past. Boo-yah.

  4. Peppermint Tina*:Dhahahahahah! Says:

    Merrin (ahemmmm…)

    I, having enough real reality (heh! how’s that for for redundancy?!), in my life, have no interest in the reality of “real” tv programs (and if choosing it to, oh, let’s say, death? Rigor mortis would be setting!) So, although I am no authority in the real tv realm, judging by your admisson, I, at the least (considering I have very little as it is) have ultra high standards….

    Whaaaa-haaa-haaa! You know how to make a gal feel like a million!




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