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It’s amazing what comes up when you search for stuff on Google. Today, I got an email from someone who works for my company, who just happened to find me as she was researching some information for The Da Vinci Code (you know the book; it’s the one I keep telling everybody to get excited about. If you don’t remember, click here for a refresher). By the way, my mom read it over Christmas, and she loved it, too. Once again, I am open to bribery if you’d like to borrow my copy (it’ll cost you). Mad props, too, to Gianna (my ever-faithful Random House Rep), for keeping me hooked up to the best new books. Anyway, long story longer, I thought that was pretty cool, and yet another testament to the power of the web to bring us all together. Now, if you’ll beg my indulgence, I have to post another entry on the heels of this one, because something truly remarkable happened today…
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