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It’s Easy To Understand

Admittedly, tempers have been running a little on the hot side around here as of late. Well, props to Kev for putting it all so eloquently. It’s really no wonder that we’re having a collective breakdown, especially when you throw work stress on top of everything else. However, I am striving to maintain a zen-like focus and take the “Everything’s gonna be all right” approach. Besides, I can survive anything for 6 days.
Home Sweet Home

2 Responses to “It’s Easy To Understand”

  1. Peppermint Tina*:P Says:

    Okay, I will share a secret, which really isn’t, but I’ll share it, anyway.

    Dry up some used wet fresh from the coffee maker coffee grounds in a glass pie plate. (yeah, I know, but trust me on this…) Get a trusty old fork out and run the fork through the coffee grounds to even it out. Do this everyday until the grounds dry. (It’s cheating if you have a heater in your house warming everything up.) The object is to gently dry the coffee grounds and returning to a zen state while doing so.

    See if it doesn’t relieve the stress! And if it’s Kona coffee you have, although I see alcoholic drinks are on the brain, it’s aroma therapy, too!

  2. merrin Says:

    Kona is all we drink, even though it’s worth its weight in gold around these parts! Tasty stuff, and now I feel better just thinking about it. Thanks,Tina! :grin




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