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You Know It’s Time To Go Back To Work When

You actually begin to care about the trials and tribulations of your favorite reality TV characters. Had I not completed yet another room (packing sucks), then it is quite possible that I would feel some remorse for my horrible little addiction. Sadly, this is not the case. I have actually managed to do almost all of the laundry, and I’m fairly certain that Kevin will need medical attention when he sees the bedroom closet (packing sucks) and discovers that he has just enough clothing to last him for the next 15 days (at which time, unpacking will inevitably suck). I was merciless; a machine, really. Gone are the clothes that he has refused to let me get rid of, i.e. a collection of shirts he wore when he was–I’m not kidding–14. That’s right. These shirts have gone un-worn since he was a freshman in high school. Now, I’m admittedly deficient in math skills, but that’s like, 15 years (dear God, we’re old). Just to be fair, gone, too, are the size 6 blouses of my own past. You know the ones—you’re absolutely sure that you’ll be able to wear it again at some point, as though the likelihood of ever being a size 6 again is a definite possibility, looming just over the horizon. One thing will surely please His Highness, however. There are no more wire hangers anywhere in the house. Did I already mention that packing does indeed suck? :grin
Laundry Sucks

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