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Yet Another Productive Day

Since I’m feeling much better, I decided to get the rest of the packing done today. And I really would have, too, except that The Bone Collector was on, then All My Children, and then I had to do laundry. In between all of this, I did actually manage to get the closet from Hell packed and ready to go, which just leaves the last of the kitchen stuff, the bathrooms, and our bedroom closet. I am–obviously–not counting the garage and Kevin’s office, as these are the only two things he is in charge of, so if stuff doesn’t get moved, it’s not my fault.
In other news, Joe Millionaire premiers tonight; I’ll let you all know how it stacks up against the rest of the reality TV shows. Hey, it’s an addiction. Leave me in peace with my trash TV. Oooooh! Speaking of trash TV, I watched High School Reunion on the WB last night and was, of course, immediately hooked. Props to Kev for hooking me up on that one. I almost missed it! :shock
There Must Be A 12-Step For This

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