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I Am The Zen Master

And FrontPage and Movable Type are my bitches. There are indeed benefits to being locked in with the flu. Today, with just a little help from my husband, I created a new skin all by myself. This may not seem like such a big feat to some of you, but I beg you to consider that my life is firmly rooted in the printed (as on paper) word, and I have little experience with all things tech-like. Perhaps Kevin put it best, when at one point this afternoon I screamed in frustration: “Surely they make a Dummies book for this crap!”. He quietly responded: “You’re not dumb enough for a Dummies book. You’re in Limbo. You already know too much for beginners, but not enough to do what you really want.” True enough. So humor me a little, and enjoy the new skin. By tomorrow, everything will be up and running, and I promise I’ll be hard at work on the homepage.
One more note: All the kanji characters mean roughly what they link to. I’ve always had a fondness for Japanese, and now I get to put it to a fun use. Whose your daddy now, huh?
I Am The Zen Master

2 Responses to “I Am The Zen Master”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I really like the new layout, baby. Nice job.

  2. Camille Says:

    Great job! Nice new look.




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