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Another New Year

Is staring me in the face. Perhaps that’s why I am refocusing my awareness of global socio-political issues, as well as the restructuring of my own existence. While January 1 is usually just another day for me, this year I find myself taking time to reevaluate what’s going on in the world and the effect these events have on my little life. As a jumping-off point, courtesy of Metafilter, I checked out the most underreported news stories of 2002. I have once again realized that I am, indeed, a liberal. Thank God. All of this turned my thoughts to how I have lived my life over the past year, and while I was mostly upstanding, there is the lingering possibility I’m headed for hell due to some less-than-propitious behavior. In addition, I have not done much to better myself on an intellectual level. While it has been nice to skate through the previous 364 days with stagnant brain cells, it’s time to grease up the grey matter.
In short, here are my New Year’s Resolutions, both noble and base.
1) I will pay more attention to my husband, even when I’ve worked non-stop for 18 straight days.
2) I will volunteer my time at local organizations.
3) I will take better care of myself, including curbing my intake of Chick-Fil-A and Dr. Pepper. Okay, okay, I’ll cut back on the Coor’s Light, too.
4) I will learn one new word every day, thus expanding my already extensive vocabulary. I will not use these words in order to humiliate and/or degrade others for their stupidity. Much.
5) I will increase my level of tolerance for other people’s chosen lack of intelligence. I will not point out that they are stupid because they refuse to educate themselves or broaden their narrow views of humanity/world events/domestic policy/political stances.
6) I will expand my knowledge of programming so as to dispense with the necessity of asking Kevin to help me design stuff.
7) Finally, I will be a better friend to those who have stood by me through thick and thin, and who I tend to overlook in the day-to-day grind which is my reality. This includes writing thank-you notes, sending sympathy cards, and remembering birthdays (on time!).
Thanks to everyone who made this year so great for us. With a little practice, and a lot of patience, next year will be even better.
Thoughts of a Peaceful New YEar

4 Responses to “Another New Year”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Happy New Year, Baby! I love you!! :love

  2. merrin Says:

    I love you, too. Now go back to watching Elisha Cuthbert.

  3. Aurora Says:

    Happy New Year Merrin and Kevin. Here’s to a awesome 2003!!! (lifts champagne flute filled with diet Canada Dry cranberry ginger ale)

  4. ed k. Says:

    What??? Give up on Chick-Fil-A???? That’s SACRILEGE! (Happy New Years, anyway.) 😉




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