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Okay, so I know we haven’t exactly been informative lately, and a lot of you are thinking that we’ve fallen off the face of the earth, so let me take a moment and fill you in on our lives over the last week. First, we got a late-night phone call from Corey last Sunday, asking what we were up to the following day. Why, nothing, I said, and so she came to pay us a visit Monday and Tuesday. Then it was Christmas Eve (Corey headed back to Plano at 6:00ish), then Christmas day, and then she came back on Friday! Hooray! In the middle of all this, I also spent time with Allen and Mom and Grandma and Dad and the Vickis and their husbands. Whew! We’re pretty tired, and the work has to really start now! FemBot Mom came over again today to help pack some more stuff, and I gotta tell ya, we have A LOT of stuff. Kevin has sworn that he’s planning to tackle the garage this weekend. If he doesn’t, I’m headed up the nearest clock tower. Meanwhile, if anyone has any Valium or Diazepam, feel free to share.
72 hours till I’m off for six glorious days!!!!
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