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I Don’t Have a Log in the Way You Think I Said I Did

Yes, Christmas is drawing ever closer, and that means more opportunities to quote Clark and the rest of the Vacation gang (“Can’t see the line, can you Russ?”). Fortunately, it also means that I am that much closer to a day off. In fact, I only have to work tomorrow and Tuesday, then I have 24 blissful hours of peace. Meanwhile, Kev is bearing the brunt of my bitterness, since he does not have to work until Thursday. We’ll see who’s mocking whom when I get my 5 days in a row (that would be in 12 days). HA!
In other news, Mom is coming over tonight, as it’s Sunday, even though when I called to confirm our standing date, the following conversation ensued:
Mom: “But there’s nothing on TV!”
Me: “Is that all I am to you? A TIVO?!?!?!?”
Word to the wise: Take advantage of our proximity now, ‘cuz we’ll be too far to do this every week!

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