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Extra Sopranos Recap

Whoop-a-Dee-Dee! Well, The Sopranos is done for another season, leaving all of us to ponder imminent events. A couple more predicitions and summations from last night’s episode:
1) Ade turns the Fed.
2) Chrissy takes over the family (okay, that’s stretching, but throw me a bone).
3) Obviously, Tony reunites with Melfi, and things heat up.
All in all, I was a little disappointed with Whitecaps. I really expected the season to end with a bang(no pun intended). While I realize that the powers that be are setting us up for a non-stop finale packed with plot-twists, I can’t help but look forward to the rest of the year’s offerings from HBO. But then again, I guess that was the point.

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