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Sopranos Sunday, and the Season Finale

So here it is. The last episode (I’m already having Sopranos withdrawals :cry) of the next-to-last season. David Chase has taken some flack for “losing his edge” this year, but I think it’s safe to say he once again effectively gave his critics the finger with Ralphie’s unseemly demise. You know it’s gonna be good, so let’s take those bets now. Here are my predcitions, and I haven’t been wrong yet:
1) Meadow elopes.
2) Carm flees to Naples, OR Furio comes back. Things heat up. They become intimate.
3) Carmine gets whacked (okay, we all know that’s gonna happen).
4) Junior collapses/suffers some horrible illness/gets himself lost, right after the not guilty verdict is read.
Of course, you all know I’ll recap tonights episode with all the juicy highlights, and probably a quote or two. Any body wanna make book on how long Tony lasts next season? Paulie? Furio?
Who's It Gonna Be?

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