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What a Week!

So I’ve had an incredible week, and it’s only Thursday. Admittedly, Monday and Tuesday weren’t that eventful, but Wednesday and Thursday rocked! Yesterday, I worked the James Patterson event at the University Drive B&N. He was extremely nice (he took extra time to chat with the booksellers, AND he brought us free stuff!). On top of all that, I ran into the mother of my oldest friend. A tap on the shoulder, and “Are you Merrin McCallum?”, and I absolutely froze. The only response I could come up with is “Not anymore”, which I guess goes to show that after almost three years, I’m finally used to my married name.
Today, the fun continued with an evening out with Patricia Cornwell, who hosted a discussion at the Bass Hall. If you haven’t heard (i.e. you’ve been living under a rock), she’s convinced she’s solved the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Check out her book….I, too, was a skeptic, but I’m coming around. She makes a damn fine argument.
Now, it’s time to catch up on Tivo. Thank God I get to sleep in tomorrow!

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