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Poor Kevin

I really am doing my best to keep everyone informed of our mundane lives, so that Kevin doesn’t have to spend his 2 free hours a day on the internet. Not like that’s ever stopped him before, but hey. Pretty soon, we’ll both be crazy busy packing up the house and trying to find a new place. Then there’s the garage sale to plan, mortgages to sign, houses to sell. It’ll all be over soon, though. Just a few more months, and we’ll be all settled in someplace new, and hopefully, closer to work for both of us. Until then, however, we’ll just keep plugging away.
Since it’s Friday, and everyone knows that means Date Night, we’ll be heading out to dinner, followed by a bit of Christmas shopping, and not for ourselves this time (by the way, if you have any ideas, please let me know. I’m a terrible gift giver). It will be the perfect end to the perfect day of doing absolutely nothing. I finsished my book, I cleaned the house, I played with the dogs, and I napped. Now I just have to take a shower, and my day will be complete. Fridays rock!

One Response to “Poor Kevin”

  1. Kevin Says:


    I guess this means we’re going to Pappasito’s, huh?




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