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I Must Have Been Asleep

Thanks to Kevin, I also have discovered the joys of Googlism. The coolest part is that apparently I am from Perth in Western Australia with a degree in biochemistry and genetics. Damn, I’m cool! I always knew I had multiple personalities, now there’s PROOF!
The only drawback of performing a Googlism on my name is the overabundance of Exorcist references (you know, Father Merrin?). Other than that (and sometimes being mistaken for a man), I am one hip chick!
Me On a Bad Day

2 Responses to “I Must Have Been Asleep”

  1. triliana Says:

    That’s not much of a drawback. When I do my googlism on my full name (andrea curry), I’m dead. And a religion major.

    I *was* a religion major (those references ARE to me!) for awhile, but I’m pretty sure I’m still alive, at least for the time being.

  2. Merrin Says:

    There ARE worse things than being mistaken for the cultural icon representing the banishing of evil hell-demons. Oh, wait. I AM a hell-demon. Crap!




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