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Archive: October 2002

All Sopranos, All the Time

Okay, so for those of you who missed it, here’s the scoop from last night’s episode:
Christoper seems to be losing control of his little heroin “problem”, and everyone knows it’s bound to interfere with Tony’s plans. Poor Artie got shafted by Jean Phillipe, and Tony sicced Furio on the “frog-eating $#@$%^*?”. Too bad we didn’t get to see that. Does anybody else think we haven’t seen enough of Jen Melfi this year? I miss her. Carmela seems to be developing a healthy lust for Furio (told ya so), and even AJ is getting some action.
All in all, a great episode, but then again, what else would you expect when Steve Buscemi directs?

Who's the Man?

Merrin’s Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been exceptionally good this year (just ask my husband). I have cooked lots of yummy dinners, I have cleaned the house, I fed and walked the puppies (and cleaned their feet when it rained), and I have played well with others. I therefore I humbly request the following:

Clean Cotton, anyone? This is always a great gift. While Kevin says he only likes one scent, I happen to know that this is not true. Thanks to Courtney, I now have a horrible addiction to tart burners and votive holders. Please help me fulfill my craving for all things Yankee Candle.

Almost Done! That’s right, Kevin and I are almost complete. Along with the Salt and Pepper shakers, we also still need the medium pasta bowls and another oval platter. Check it out here.

Smell-goodness I love this fragrance. It’s clean and crisp, and not too girly. And besides, a girl can never have too much perfume. To buy it, click here.

Old Favorite This is the scent I’ve worn since time began. I absolutely love it, and I always seem to be running out. This is one of things that you can always find in my purse (the travel size, not the full size, silly). Kevin loves it, and I constantly get compliments when I wear it. To buy it, click here.

Comfy It’s sad but true. I desperately need a new office chair for my desk at home, since the one I’m using now, I’ve used since I was 12. Besides, I sure would like to be able to get out of the chair without being stiff. To buy it, click here.

AAAHHHHOh, please, if there’s one thing and one thing only I can get this Christmas, let it be this. Santa, I’ve been so good that it’s literally tied me up in knots! This is just the thing to work out the knots in my back. Plus, Kevin would thank you, too, since right now, he’s the next best thing, and his hands are tired from rubbing my shoulders. To take a look, click here.

This Is Only for Kev Okay, so this one is just for Kevin. Don’t go running out and buying me diamond hoop earrings (which perfectly match my wedding band, by the way) unless your name is Kevin (or unless you really want to. A girl can never have too much sparkly stuff). To buy these (KEVIN) click here.

Do You Have to Ask Why Because it’s Mecca. Everything you could possibly ever need can be found at Target. I love Target. There is no place cooler than Super Target. Oh my….I’m getting verklempt.

I Like it All Twinsets never go out of style. Also, pretty much everything on this page is something I’d wear. Preferred colors are anything EXCEPT Cream, Light Lemon, Coral Spice, and Fuschia, and preferred size is 1X.

Other than this stuff, you all pretty much know what we like. Also, we really don’t need anything. Just knowing that everyone is healthy and happy is enough for us. So, thanks for all that you do. You make our lives much happier, and we wish everyone a VERY merry Christmas!
O Tannenbaum

A Little Sopranos Tidbit

Well, well, well. I guess we can figure out (by process of elimination) who IS getting whacked. Check out the story here, or click on the capo’s picture.

New List Up

Be sure to take a look at the Reading List, as I have new offerings. As usual, there is something for everyone. Well, almost. If you want to read The Da Vinci Code, you’ll have to wait until March (or offer me a serious bribe).

This Month’s Picks

Intrigue Rocks! This is the best novel I’ve read in years. It’s entertaining, but more than that, it’s intelligent. Mr. Brown’s impeccable research opens new doors, and drives the reader to a totally unexpected climax. Finally, in a refreshing change from formulaic thrillers, The Da Vinci Code does what every good novel should: quite simply, it entertains without pandering to the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately, it’s not due out until March. Sucks to be y’all. Oh, all right. If you ask nicely, I may let you borrow my copy. To learn more about the author, or to check out his other theories, click here.

Poignant When the Emperor Was Divine is a moving story told from five separate perspectives. Also, a rare glimpse into a not-so-proud moment in the American past during WWII. To buy it, click here.

Beautiful The woman that Arthur Golden based Memoirs of a Geisha on tells her story with grace and beauty. This one reads smoothly and poetically and should not be missed. All of you know how much I love Memoirs, so it should come as no surprise that Geisha, a Life has turned up on the Reading List. Plus, it has pictures. To buy it, click here.

It's Saturday Night! Rumor has it that the only castmember who DIDN’T contribute to this was Eddie Murphy. The stories behind the sketches are hilarious, but this book also exposes the darker side of SNL, including drug use, affairs, eating disorders, alcoholism, and suicide attempts. Not very funny material, but narrated with humility (sometimes) and humor. If you’ve ever watched Saturday Night Live, you’ll love it. And a note for non-readers: it’s broken up into tiny little easy-to-digest paragraphs. To buy it, click here.

Gay? Okay, I know this is cheating, but I thought I’d throw in what I was listening to also. Kevin says John Mayer sounds just like Dave Matthews, but I beg to differ. If you haven’t heard him, you’ve been living under a rock. I still contend that no straight man could possibly write such wonderful things, but I could be wrong. Check him out here. Be sure to listen to the preview tracks. He’s awesome.

Why is it DARK?

It’s 3:15, and not only is the sun nowhere in sight, it’s pitch black outside. Literally, like the middle of the night. The weird thing is, it’s not storming. Yeah, it’s raining, but there’s no thunder. I think I’ll go take another nap and ponder this question. Is John Mayer gay? It would be sad, but one look at the lyrics of “Your Body is a Wonderland”, and you’ll see what I mean. No straight man could write that well. Thanks to my friends for pointing out the possibility. This is just further proof that life is indeed unjust.
It Could Be True

The Latest in Entertainment News

Update #1:
Fox has delayed the release date for thier upcoming movie “Phone Booth” because of the sniper attacks on the East Coast. I know they’re worried about bad press, but come on. We all knew this movie was about to be released. They’ve been promoting it forever. It filmed YEARS ago. Good taste is one thing, but dontcha think that this kind of stuff feeds the ego of the whack-job behind the murders? Maybe I just wanted the chance to drool over Colin Farrell.
Update #2:
The WB is casting their new show “Young MacGyver” . Now you, too can learn along side the little tyke as he discovers how to make a helicopter from a Bic pen and a paper clip.
Update #3:
Thailand is offended over Christina Aguilera’s new video. I guess this isn’t much of a news flash, since I think pretty much the entire global population is offended by it.

Sound a little cynical today? I guess I am, although I’m not sure why. I think it’s just one of those days where stupid people piss me off. I’m going to go try to cheer up now.


No Thanks.

After this ever-so-convincing argument, I still think I’ll stick with my PC and Windows XP.

I’m The Last One to the Party

As usual. Apparently, there are a whole lot of people that already knew all of this. I’m not a stranger to Renaissance art, or to the legend of the Holy Grail, or even to the Sacred Feminine. However, I just never tied it all together. These are the things they don’t cover in Art History, or even in Western Civ. So imagine my surprise, when reading a truly great novel (don’t ask; it’s not even being published until 03/18/03), I come across the theory of Mary Magdalene as the HOLY GRAIL. Not the keeper of the Grail. Not part of the legend. THE HOLY GRAIL. Do yourself a favor. Research this. It’s interesting, and you probably didn’t know this stuff. Read this, for starters. Then go here. Da Vinci is cool!

Da Vinci Codes?

Of Course I Am!

I am Belle!

Which Disney Princess are you?

Sopranos Update

Please click here for the original prediction, and then tell me that episode#43 didn’t confirm it. And how about poor Tony? What’s a goomba to do? Whack Johnny Sack? Let Johnny whack Ralphie?
Now, on to last night. Pie-O-My sure was a winner. I wish Kev and I had been that lucky on Saturday at Lone Star Park. Adrianna sure is getting in deeper, too. First, they broke her chair, then a meeting with the Feds. I guess it was all just too much. But really, “borrowing” Chris’s heroin? And what would Sunday be without Janice around to entertain us? Now she’s after Bobby? What’s up with that? Ziti, anyone?

Artie Bucco Loves it!

Halleluiah Chorus!

For the second day in a row, my stomach is sending up a Halleluiah chorus of joy. My husband took me to Steak n Shake for lunch today. What more could a girl ask for?
In other news, Kev starts his new job tomorrow, so I know that he won’t get any sleep at all tonight. For him, it’s like Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, please begin to get me your lists as soon as possible, since I’ll be awfully busy trying to move, etc. We’re actually planning a large garage sale soon, so be on the lookout for more information about that. Thanks to everyone for all of your support the past week; we sure did need it! A special thanks to Vicki, for helping to keep me sane. Love ya!


It’s official: The Cheesecake Factory is the yummiest place on earth to eat. Kevin and I went out to Stonebriar to move him into his new office, and then I got the special treat of Crusted Chicken Romano. Hooray!

Friday Five

1. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be?
Sting, Nothing Like the Sun. It never gets old, no matter how many times I hear it.

2. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be?
That’s easy: Moulin Rouge and Beauty and the Beast. Ah, the dichotomy that is me.

3. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be?
Wow. That’s an unfair question for someone in my line of work, but here goes: The Oxford English Dictionary, because you could never remember everything, therefore it would always be new, the last Harry Potter book, once it’s finally written, and the Norton Anthology of American Literature, because it would hold my interest repeatedly.

4. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be?
No brainer: Dr. Pepper, Coors Light, chicken fajitas, and Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream, duh!

5. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be?
Kevin, my mom, Corey, Janeane Garofalo, and Dr. Phil. If you need reasons for these choices, email me.

Nothin' Better

It’s Friday!

Wow, it really is Friday, and for the very first time, I have an entire weekend off! So, Kev calls me at work this morning and asked what we’re doing tonight. Um, I don’t know. So here are the options:
1) Dinner and a movie. This is our usual Friday night date. Problem is, there’s nothing I want to see, since we saw Red Dragon last week. By the way, go see it. It rocks.
2) Lone Star Park for quarterhorse racing. I’m always up for this. Besides, it’s $1.50 beer night.
3) There is no #3. See #2. I’m not stupid.

Come on, #7!




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