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Christmas Shopping….

So my brilliant idea was to start Christmas shopping yesterday. Really. I thought, hey, we can knock out a bunch if we attack the malls in an all-out blitz. Sounds good, right? Nope. We get to the mall, and of course, all powers of reasoning flee. Kevin and I headed to Old Navy, which we left with a significantly lighter wallet. Then it was on to shoes. So, what started out as a shopping spree for others became a shopping spree for us. No matter, I’m sure we can try again next weekend.
Along those same lines, please let us know what all of you would like this year. I know Kev posted this already, but I wanted in on the action, too. Look for our online wish lists to be posted this week. They’re on their way, I promise. Also, if any of you have any ideas for Kev, please let me know, since I am once again at a complete loss.
Santa Kev

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