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A Little Sopranos Tidbit

Well, well, well. I guess we can figure out (by process of elimination) who IS getting whacked. Check out the story here, or click on the capo’s picture.

One Response to “A Little Sopranos Tidbit”

  1. Kevin Says:

    OK. There you go, trying to make us think that Tony is getting whacked. Not so, according to the article:“James Gandolfini is waiting until their salaries are set before setting an asking price of his own for next season.”What we’re left to debate is, who among the core cast members is: a) content with their salary, b) letting the listed cast members do the dirty work, c) getting whacked this season.With so many options, I would say there is probably no way to determine what is going to happen to the core cast members. But, it is worth noting that the following characters are not neccisarily “safe”, according to the story:ChristopherCarmelaRalphieJohnny SackSilvioFurioJanice — Please, please whack Janice!Uncle JuniorDr. MelfiArtieBobbyWhat I find to be a much more splendid rumor is which Sopranos character is pregnant and by whom?




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