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Update #1:
Fox has delayed the release date for thier upcoming movie “Phone Booth” because of the sniper attacks on the East Coast. I know they’re worried about bad press, but come on. We all knew this movie was about to be released. They’ve been promoting it forever. It filmed YEARS ago. Good taste is one thing, but dontcha think that this kind of stuff feeds the ego of the whack-job behind the murders? Maybe I just wanted the chance to drool over Colin Farrell.
Update #2:
The WB is casting their new show “Young MacGyver” . Now you, too can learn along side the little tyke as he discovers how to make a helicopter from a Bic pen and a paper clip.
Update #3:
Thailand is offended over Christina Aguilera’s new video. I guess this isn’t much of a news flash, since I think pretty much the entire global population is offended by it.

Sound a little cynical today? I guess I am, although I’m not sure why. I think it’s just one of those days where stupid people piss me off. I’m going to go try to cheer up now.


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