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Ok, now I’m starting to feel a little more with it. Please bear in mind that I haven’t watched TV or read a newspaper in 5 days. However, having spent time today doing both of those, I feel that I can now offer commentary on some of the recent world events.
First, what’s with this sniper stuff? Surely somebody saw something. And now there’s a tarot card left at the scenes? Call John Douglas; he’ll solve this thing by bedtime.
Next, we have the House approving the use of force against Iraq. In the words of Bob Woodward, “I don’t know if I’m confused or not”. Yes, he really said that. I was in the room. What I do know is that we should blow Saddam to hell and back. So I guess that’s my take. Hmmmm, maybe I’m not so confused after all.
Finally, the Nobel Prize for Literature was announced today. The winner was Imre Kertesz for his novels depicting life in Auschwitz, where the author spent time as a teenager. Check him out here.
Mostly, that’s all I know for today. I’m still catching up.
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