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Now I’m Stressing

I just realized something. I am about to go FIVE days without email. This is no joke. It’s not even remotely humorous. Many of you may have noticed this: Kevin is no longer regularly posting anything at all in his blog. It seems that once I really began to take an interest, he was more than happy to turn over the reins to me. In the natural course of events, I have therefore become WAY more dependent on my computer, which, let’s face it, is quite a feat since I am firmly rooted in the world of actual paper. So now I’m faced with 5 unconnected, very untechnological days with no DSL in sight. I’m starting to feel a little panicky.

One Response to “Now I’m Stressing”

  1. Merrin Says:

    So, at least I’m TRYING to keep in touch with the real world while I’m stuck here in Nashville. Kev, I know you’re doing just fine without me, but I sure am just about ready to come home! Free stuff is already flying around out here, and I know you’ll all be beating down my door for your shot at it, but it’s ALL FOR ME!!! I’ll see y’all on Wednesday.
    Lots of love!




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