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The Coolest Website Ever

Okay, I’ve seen a lot of websites. But this is the coolest one I’ve ever seen. Now, it could just be that I’m a huge Thomas Harris fan, and that his books made me want to be a behavioral scientist when I grew up, but I think it’s more than that. Check out the Official Red Dragon Movie Website, and if you don’t think this is an amazing site, then I just don’t know you. One more thing: before you see the movie, READ THE BOOK!


2 Responses to “The Coolest Website Ever”

  1. Nathan Coppedge Says:

    I love the color scheme, and will be sure to try the various options listed. Thanks.

  2. julie Says:

    eh. i guess these kinds of bored-out-of-my-mind searches vary on what i define cool as. (a.k.a…this site, not too cool.)




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