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Latest Sopranos Prediction

Okay, here’s the last minute Sopranos prediction:
Carmela and Furio have a torrid affair. Think it’s impossible? Just watch the first episode again, and then tell me.

One Response to “Latest Sopranos Prediction”

  1. Kevin Says:

    UMM…No. Not gonna happen. Why? Glad you asked!Carmela’s devotion to the church. She’s more likely to leave Tony than risk the “scorn of the Church”. Oh, while we’re at it, she’s not gonna leave Tony either.Furio is in way too tight. He’s from Italy. There’s no chance that he risks his position with Tony, or his life for that matter.This season is going to move so quickly that I don’t see Chase wasting time in developing yet another Carmela crush. (Remember Vick the painter? Father Phil? etc, etc) Been there, done that.




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