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RT @HonestToddler: Toddler Tip: She has a bounty of nerves underneath that "last" one. Don't worry :)

We’re Back!

Thing I Learned
1) Casinos are VERY cold so as to keep you awake.
2) Casinos are “smoker-friendly” so as not to interrupt your gambling.
3) In casinos, drinks are cheap (or free), and not watered-down. We wouldn’t want to make unsound gambling decisions, would we? Can you sense the sarcasm? Good, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.
4) I miss my dogs when I’m gone.
5) Any more than 24 hours in a casino environment is too much.
6) I REALLY don’t want to go back to work on Monday, but that’s another story.
That’s it for now. It’s good to be back among normal people. Or at least among people with whom I am familiar.

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