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Sopranos Tonight

That’s right, it’s FINALLY time! After 16 long months, the Sopranos is back for the fourth season. Of course, this means that Sex and the City is now off for a while, but trade-off is more than worth it. In other entertainment news, the Fall season of reality TV is heating up with a vengeance! Here’s what I’ll be watching this year:

Last Year's BachelorThe Bachelor. I know, I know: TV at its absolute worst. But it feels so GOOD to be bad! Check it out here.

Survivor Come on, you know you were rooting for Pappy last season. Well, they’re back this year, so go check them out.

Kev's Favorite It was so great the first two seasons, I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. The new season starts on October 2, so we still have a couple of weeks’ worth of waiting. In the meantime, get to know the new players and bone up on your Amazing Race trivia. Get the scoop here.

Thank God it's back! It always seems like forever until your very favorite show premiers. Thank God the waiting is over, and next Wednesday, The West Wing is once again on the air. This is, by the way, the one show that saves me from the abyss of Reality TV. I figure if I can follow and even comprehend the issues discussed on The West Wing, then college wasn’t a complete waste!

So, there it is. In addition to The Sopranos , here is what I’ll be wasting time watching. What will YOU be watching?

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