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I Don’t Feel Good

These are the words my husband dreads. These words take me out of commission. I cannot move. I cannot breathe. I cannot feed the dogs. I cannot make dinner. I can, however, go to work, since I don’t believe in calling in sick. This makes Kev’s life all the more difficult, as by the time I come home, I feel like I am quite literally dying. I think I am going for a record this year: I’ve been sick TWICE! I never get sick, let alone twice in one year. Maybe it’s West Nile. Then again, maybe it’s just the flu. Whatever it is, I sure hope it goes away soon, because I feel yucky. And I’m sure Kevin is ready for me to resume my duties as the Wife. On second thought, maybe I should milk this for a few more days….I’m kind of enjoying not cooking….:devil

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