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Archive: August 2002


Yes, it’s true. I AM the Queen of Everything, and now I have the graphics to prove it. Thanks, Big Kev, for hitting one out of the park. Excuse me, I have to go rule now. :love

New Skin

At the request of Her Royal Majesty, I –just a humble servant– have attempted to complete a skin worthy of HRM’s wisdom and sense of taste. Being a loyal subject, I hope the Queen is satisfied by my offering.

What a Week!

All I can say is I’m glad it’s over! On Friday, I had to help Brooke shop for a new car. She HATES doing it, so I went with her to ease the pain. After an ungodly number of test drives, car dealerships, and smarmy salesmen (“Hey, little ladies!”), we found one. Thank God! Now all we have to do is order the sucker, and we’re done. So come Monday, this should be my last foray into the world of Car Salesman Who Look Down on Women. I really didn’t think this world existed, since Kev always handles these kinds of things, but let me assure you, it’s alive and well. If I never get called “Hon” or “Sugar” again by an aging Redneck greasy salesman, it will be too soon. On that note, feel free to check out Brooke’s selection at

As for other stuff, I’m finally feeling much better (thanks for the concern! :grin), and I’m off to clean the house (it’s Sunday) and get ready for family night. And no, Mom, I promise we won’t watch Moulin Rouge again, even though it is my favorite movie. Yes, that’s right, I now have an actual favorite instead of a Top 10 composite. You go, Ewan!

I Don’t Feel Good

These are the words my husband dreads. These words take me out of commission. I cannot move. I cannot breathe. I cannot feed the dogs. I cannot make dinner. I can, however, go to work, since I don’t believe in calling in sick. This makes Kev’s life all the more difficult, as by the time I come home, I feel like I am quite literally dying. I think I am going for a record this year: I’ve been sick TWICE! I never get sick, let alone twice in one year. Maybe it’s West Nile. Then again, maybe it’s just the flu. Whatever it is, I sure hope it goes away soon, because I feel yucky. And I’m sure Kevin is ready for me to resume my duties as the Wife. On second thought, maybe I should milk this for a few more days….I’m kind of enjoying not cooking….:devil

Um, Ok

So this is the new website thingy. Ok. Supposedly, it is this very cool, ultra-difficult thing that Kevin spent all weekend on because he loves me and wants me to have something nice. I’ll take his word for it. If I can learn how to use this, we may be in business, so bear with me as I try to figure this out. In the meantime, keep checkin back, because I have a feeling that Kevin won’t quit until he is completely satisfied! :grin

Two Skins Up

Merrin’s really gonna get me if I keep sneaking into her weblog and posting stuff! :tongue

There are now 2 skins up for the weblog. To select, go to the Navigation link on the side. Depending on what skin you’re using, it will be on the left or the right. (HA!)

You’ll then get some options for skins: Style 1 (daisy green) and Style 2 (old faithful). These aren’t their real names, but that’s what I call ’em. You can then preview the selected skin. If you like it, click “STICK WITH THIS SKIN” and you done.

You can always start the whole circle over again at any time by clicking “SELECT A SKIN”. Enjoy!

If you have any skin ideas, :email Kevin or Merrin!




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