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I Do Not Have a Problem!

Okay, so I began using lip balm at the tender age of 10. And it’s true that I cannot go to sleep at night until I apply a fresh layer of lip balm. This does not make me an addict. I can quit anytime, just not today. Besides, after the week I had, I need a little comfort at the end of the day. Remember, I love my job, but sometimes it really sucks to be the person in charge of everything. One of my co-workers gave me a brilliant idea, though. She said I should become a corporate motivation consultant, which I have to agree, I would be pretty fabulously suited for. In the meantime, though, I’ll keep on selling books, firing people, and dashing peoples’ hopes of promotion. What a good time!
Finally, in an effort to stem the boredom tide, I had the girls over last night for a minor party. Poor Kev, coming home to a houseful of less than sober females. Rough life for him.

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