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RT @HonestToddler: Toddler Tip: She has a bounty of nerves underneath that "last" one. Don't worry :)

Why do I never Have Anything New to Write About?

Seriously, all I ever do is work and come home. When did my life become this BORING? It’s funny…I occasionally get together with other people, I can hold my own in any conversation, and I am extrememly extroverted, but somewhere along the line I became a homebody! AHHHHH! I feel a sudden, intense need to go dance on a table at a bar now. Too bad Fat Tuesday is almost over, otherwise I’d head for New Orleans, and Kevin can tell you that Merrin and New Orleans is a dangerous combination. So I guess I’ll feed the dogs, do the dinner dishes, and go to bed so that I can start this all over again tomorrow. Stop the insanity!

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