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Archive: February 2002

Again With The Nothing New

No, really. Nothing. Nada. Niente. I could bore you with tales of work, but really, why rehash all of that? On the homefront, Kevin planted bushes today, and they look great. He had me all freaked out, telling me that we had no grass left, but when I got home, there was a work of art in our backyard! He is the Leonardo of Landscaping! I’m sure he’ll post the pictures online so that everyone can admire his handiwork….

My Addictive Personality Strikes Again

It’s Brooke’s fault. She mocked me for not watching the Olympics. It’s NBC’s fault. There is nothing else on television. It’s the terrorists’ fault. I’m not sure why, but it sounds good. Anyway, I am now well and truly addicted to the Winter Games. Short-track Speed Skating, K90, K120 (go Simon Amman!), Men’s Short Program, Couples’ Compulsory, you name it, I’ll watch it. Surely there is a 12 step program for this. In other news, Kevin took me out for a memorable Valentine’s dinner, AND he sent me TWO dozen roses at work. He’s right…I like being “fussed over”. What woman doesn’t? Besides, I got the most flowers of anyone I know, and that makes me the winner!

Why do I never Have Anything New to Write About?

Seriously, all I ever do is work and come home. When did my life become this BORING? It’s funny…I occasionally get together with other people, I can hold my own in any conversation, and I am extrememly extroverted, but somewhere along the line I became a homebody! AHHHHH! I feel a sudden, intense need to go dance on a table at a bar now. Too bad Fat Tuesday is almost over, otherwise I’d head for New Orleans, and Kevin can tell you that Merrin and New Orleans is a dangerous combination. So I guess I’ll feed the dogs, do the dinner dishes, and go to bed so that I can start this all over again tomorrow. Stop the insanity!


Well, now I know what Kevin does when I’m at work. Not only is he addicted to the internet, but apparantly he likes to read up on prostitution. And you thought marriages today were conventional! Anyway, some of you may have noticed that Kevin removed 🙁 the Frank Langella spy photo from the front page of our site. Never fear! If you want to look at it, simply go to! In the meantime, I’ve added a new book to the reading list…..For fans of Jeffrey Deaver, the wait is over! A new Lincoln Rhyme novel is due out in stores on March 12, and damn, is it ever good. Truly suspense writing at its finest! For more, see the Reading List! Have I mentioned that I love my job? FREE BOOKS FREE BOOKS FREE BOOKS!


So I wake up this morning, and of course it’s raining. I make the 30 mile commute to work, and it still hasn’t let up. An hour later, I look out the window, and it’s SNOWING! And not a little, either. Of course, I expected this to be like every snow “event” and stop pretty quickly. But no, it snowed ALL DAY. Around sunset, it even started to stick. So now it’s pretty and quiet and white, and even though it will all be gone tomorrow, I’m sure going to appreciate it tonight. We have a nice fire in the fireplace and the dogs are all nestled in by the hearth. Damn, I love Texas.

Mondays Suck

It’s official. I must be a grown up now, because I cannot STAND Mondays. The life is continually sucked out of me by those I employ, and although they mean well, some days I just can’t stand all the questions. However, I was extremely productive at work today, and I am ready to face tomorrow (after burying my face in the pillow for 8 hours). When did this happen? I feel the need to reclaim my misspent youth by going out for a night on the town….ouch.
Anyway, welcome back to Allen. We’re all glad you’re back from Paris, and ever-so-much-more fashionable than before you left.

The Mesquite Pit Rocks!

Kevin took me on a date Friday night. At first, I was a little shocked that he wanted to go somewhere with the word “pit” in the name, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Good thing, too, because that was the best dinner I’ve eaten in AGES! Although I don’t want to say it’s better than Angelo’s (what is?), it does finish a close second. By the way, for those of you who’ve never eaten at Angelo’s, I’m very sorry for you. Anyway, great date, great food, and great alone time with my husband. On the home front, it’s Sunday, so that means I’m cleaning house and getting ready for Mom to come for dinner at 6:00. I love routines….




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